About Renato`s Pizza Masters

Established in 1959, the business was transferred in 1963 to the De Marchi family who have owned and operated the restaurant ever since. “I started working with my uncle at the restaurant,” recalls Anthony “Rich” De Marchi who currently heads the business alongside his sons Mark and Lorenzo. For those keeping track, the original business was located at 274 Central Avenue before moving two doors down to 278. Rich didn’t have full control until 1976.

Jersey City has gone through plenty of changes since 1959 but the De Marchi’s good business sense and ability to evolve with the neighborhood has made Renato’s a staple of the community. When asked about the recipe that made the business succeed, Rich was happy to share. “Quality, Service, and Price. In that order. If you don’t have the quality, you have nothing,” explained Rich. “We started in 1959 so we must be doing something right.” And right they are.

Their business has grown substantially over the years. In 2004, Renato’s Restaurant underwent a dramatic renovation giving it the elegance it has today. Their brand has now grown to include the Point Restaurant at Port Liberty and Cafe Bello in Bayonne. Renato’s continues to expand as they now also cater events.

The De Marchi family has roots in Jersey City and take pride giving back to the community they do business with. Over the years, Renato’s Restaurant has sponsored numerous little league teams, donated to local causes, gotten involved with local church functions (i.e. St. Joseph’s, St. Anne’s, and St. Nicholas) and organizations like The Dante Alighieri Society and Police Benevolent Association.